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  • Bro wake up, I dropped a waitlist to my Write with AI course...

Bro wake up, I dropped a waitlist to my Write with AI course...

Get access to my Notion Prompt Library..

It’s all business today, folks.

I’ve finally released a waitlist to sign up and pre-register for my course ‘Write with AI & Dominate LinkedIn.’

It’s taken me months, but today, you can check out a preview of what I’ve been working on and get some freebies for signing up to the waitlist.

This is live footage of me today, smiling and happpy because I finally got a landing page out there with a waiting list and a target date for my AI course release.

Yeah, I know; I smile, too, hehe…

This photo was taken by Jillian Elise.

If you need photography for your personal brand or events and conferences she’s the person I recommend! There is no one better at photography for social media.

Learn more about her services below..

🤖 Write with AI and Dominate LinkedIn
 (My AI Course Waitlist dropped today)

LinkedIn is getting harder in 2024. You need to invest time wisely.

But you are WASTING time spending hours on content without getting results...

  • You don't have a repeatable content system.

  • You don't use the right tools to create attractive content.

  • You don't network properly, so you waste time on bad leads.

  • You take too long to research, brainstorm, and write posts.

  • You don't share stories that get sales or conversions.

  • You aren't building a long-term conversion pipeline with your brand.

  • You know AI is a huge money ship, but it's leaving port without you.

I could go on and on and on, but you get the point…

You are WASTING TIME, and it’s not all your fault.

Good formatted LinkedIn posts DO take time to create…

Until now that this…..

You can use AI to create elite content in minutes, while still sounding authentic and unique.

Probably Elon Musk…

My course ‘Write with AI & Dominate LinkedIn’ is NOT just learning to use cookie-cutter prompts (don't do that), but you will discover how to:

  • Create an AI-powered content system that works overtime around your schedule.

  • Pick which AI tools are the best to use for LinkedIn and which are a waste of your time.

  • Network like a seasoned sales pro so you always know who to connect with, DM, and close.

  • Save a ton of time and energy writing with AI.

  • Use AI to grow without making the common mistake of sounding robotic or generic.

  • Build a bigger audience organically on LinkedIn faster than on any other social media platform in 2024.

  • Start selling and unlocking career opportunities with your LinkedIn personal brand.

Here’s a quick look at what’s inside ‘Write with AI & Dominate LinkedIn’

Course Outline

  • Unit 0: How to Build your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

  • Unit 1: Use AI to Build Your Content System

  • Unit 2: How to Source Content Ideas with AI

  • Unit 3: How to Write with AI (but not lose your soul)

  • Unit 4: How to edit AI-Written Content (+ copywriting basics)

  • Unit 5: How to Win on LinkedIn (Beyond AI)

  • + Loads of Bonuses.....

Learn AI, save time, and start scaling your brand on LinkedIn…

Click image to sign up (freebie included)

🤖 Get access to my AI-Prompt Library in Notion
(14 Elite Prompts to help you write better with AI)

Grab my best-performing AI prompts to write LinkedIn posts for you, saving you hours every single week.

Here’s how to use the prompts:

Copy the entire prompt and insert your inputs in the specified areas.

Re-prompt until you are happy with the results.

Click on the image to get access.

Click the image to get access to my Notion Prompts Library

🤖 Write with AI (LinkedIn LIVE) Today 2pm EST

Watch me create posts LIVE using AI:

I'll write a week's worth of content in this session.

Here's the process:

1. Utilize the Content Matrix in ChatGPT to get hooks
2. Pick a hook that I like.
3. Go to PerplexityAI and type in the hook
4. Analyze the answers/article results
5. Go back to ChatGPT and combine the info+prompt
6. Analyze the results and reprompt
7. Go to AuthoredUp and edit post

LIVE today at 7pmUK (2pmEST)

Q/A at end.

Watch on YouTube:

That’s it for this week, hope you all come hang out with me or subscribe to my YouTube to watch the replay.



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