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LinkedIn Rehooks, Lead Magnets & a new AI Post Generator

Make your LinkedIn posts go further....

Last week was pretty crazy for me.

I soft-launched my private community and onboarded a new client, and well, it was just a loooot. This week, we are feeling the fatigue a bit, so I’ve been battling through it!

I have a strategy for days/weeks like this because well, if you don’t have a strategy ready for every situation, are you really taking your business seriously??

Here’s my strategy for time-saving weeks like this…

1. Use an old post template that works and rewrite sections.

My post on Monday was a text-only post template that worked very well for me in September 2023. So, I simply just took the template and then wrote in a new story.

Post time = 15 minutes to write.

Here’s the post for those interested: CLICK HERE

2. I repurposed an old post and added fresh info.

My post on Wednesday was a spin-off of an old lead magnet from this summer called “How to grow on LinkedIn in 35 minutes a day.” I simply took the old template, refreshed the information, and changed the format of that post from July.

It was a carousel and this time I made it an infographic.

Post time = 60 minutes to write.

Here’s the post for those interested: CLICK HERE

My third post of the week?

I am not sure cz I wrote this newsletter before Friday, so…

Guess you’ll have to see what I spun up hehehehe…

(I need a nap brb)

BUT FIRST… Luke’s LinkedIn Tip of the Week ✏️

How good are your “Re-Hooks” ???

Everyone talks all the time about the importance of a good HOOK, and yes, you need world-class hooks, or you won’t stop the scroll….

BUT, most of you aren’t paying enough attention to your rehooks.

Line one is a world-class hook, BUT it’s not that unique. In fact, my good buddy Jasmin used a very similar hook the day prior!

However, what made the post mine was line two and then line three.

LinkedIn is a bit weird in that it shows you a different number of lines to your posts depending on the device and operating system you use.

PC, Imac, mobile, iPad, iOS, Android….

LinkedIn will show a different number of lines to a scroller depending on the device they use.

Keep this as a general rule, though:

Mobile with text only = 2 to 3 lines
Mobile with media = 1 line (sometimes 2)

Desktop with text only = 3 lines
Desktop with media = 2 lines

There are a few tools you can use to preview how your posts are going to look on LinkedIn before you use them.

Currently, my two favorites are:

Supergrow.io - also includes an AI carousel maker and post-formatting feature
Authoredup.com - includes some great analytics and scheduling features

(these are not affiliate links; I use both tools every day)

Live view of AuthoredUp

Live look at Supergrow


The point is you need to put effort into making the “rehooks,” lines two and three, just as good as line one.

This is a common mistake I see a lot of rookie content creators making.

Here’s my suggestion for improving your rehooks.

1. Study someone elite at them (Me, Lara Acosta, Jasmin Alic, Matt Barker, etc)
2. Grab a tool like TweetHunter and study the most viral content to learn.
3. Make your rehooks “How I” “How to” “give directions,” or “Intro to listicles:

For example:

“Here's how I get LinkedIn content ideas in minutes”
“I woke up on May 1st drunk, broken, and hanging on”
“Here's how I get LinkedIn Carousel ideas in minutes”
“Steal this copywriting hack”

Hope that helps!

If you have any questions about rehooks, reply to this email with your question!

Postli - Rewrite LinkedIn posts quickly with AI

Want to get some posts 80% of the way finished in seconds?

Check out this cool new tool called Postli!

Postli allows you to quickly rewrite posts of top influencers into a cool template that gets you 80% of the way to a finished post. Keep in mind the keyword is REWRITE as you do not want to copy and past these posts.

Use this tool to beat writer’s block, but make sure you finish with that 20% and add the human element and your own story.

AI can’t get you 100% of the way there yet, and you want to make sure your tone of voice is clear and evident in your copy.

Step 1: Pick an Influencers Post (or add your own rough draft)

Step 2: Select an option for the AI to rewrite your post.

Step 3: Analyze the results from the AI

I selected “Create from template” for this one

Step 4: Rewrite the post and add your human touch.
Here’s the finished result after I edited the post:

"How a Flight to Mexico Unlocked 3 Creative Lessons

(steal my work ethic, okay)

I got out of my normal routine and activated my creativity
I remembered my first viral post was about airplanes
I felt excited cz I hadn’t been to this area

Here’s the deal, though…

Sometimes, getting out of your usual routine can help.

Help your creative flow.

So, if you are:

Questioning your LinkedIn strategy.
Thinking about quitting.
Hating your content.

Get out of the office.

Fly to Mexico or at least walk to the local bistro.

Eat a sandwich r a steak…

Maybe a pizza…

Send Luke Matthews a meme….

Because sometimes in life, you really just need too.

Laugh at yourself and change things up.

PS If this email gets a 60% open rate, I will…

(Host a 27.5 HR LinkedIn live session)

NO, really, this time I will.

Check out Postli HERE

YouTuber Video of the Week✍️

ft Lead Magnets with Distribute

If you want to check out a pretty cool Lead Magnet tool, you need to check out Distribute. It was made by Andy Mewborn, one of the original founders of Taplio.

Distribute allows you to create one-pagers for your prospects super fast and is an AI-powered lead magnet tool for founders, creators, and salespeople.

There are three things it does for you:

1. Create a custom landing page fast
2. Easily adds CTAs, popups, and gated signup options
3. Build your email lists and collect leads with no hassle

This past week(s), I’ve used the tool for a few different lead magnets on posts.

The most popular one was my PerplexityAI post.

Check that out here and the stats as well:

Stats from a couple of my lead magnets this past week(s)

If you want to try Distribute, click on the image below.

I am not an affiliate at this stage! Just love the tool.

That’s it for this week!


Luke Matthews, Wizard of ODD


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