My Top 5 AI Tools (in April 2024)

Plus a refresher on rehooks..

Today, I’m going light on storytelling because I have a ton of AI and LinkedIn value for you.

I’m all talked out, I think, from my 4-hour LinkedIn LIVE event on Tuesday. Big cheers to all of you who made it out!

Anyway, it’s getting late, and well, I’m tired (yeah, this is me admitting I wrote the intro last, hehe hehe), so let div’s dive into some AI…

🤖 My top 5 AI Tools (as of April 2024)

Okay, so viewers wanted to know my AI tool tech stack a lot during my livestream.

Also, my friend Inge, the founder of Penfriend, is featuring me in another newsletter today and asked so….. (I had to write these out lol)

Penfriend lets you generate high-quality SEO articles without prompting. If you want to try it, you can get your first 3 articles free. I’ll be featuring them in another newsletter, but you can check the tool out below.

With that being said, let’s get into my AI tool tech stack.

  1. ChatGPT—Look, you can’t go to the dark side without paying homage to Darth Vader. GPT started everything in the AI space and is still the king of LLMs. I use ChatGPT primarily for writing content, but I’ve also been diving into CustomGPTs, which is an exciting new space. To me, if you are writing with AI and don’t have GPT4, you aren’t a pro.

  2. PerplexityAI — You don’t need Google anymore. Use Perplexity instead, it’s head and shoulders better. While Google search is dominated by paid ads and biased algorithms, Perplexity gives you much better results tailored to you. I can find a recent article or social media post on any topic I want in a matter of seconds. There are endless use cases in content curation and creation with this tool; it is insane.

  3. SuperGrow — Want an all-in-one LinkedIn tool? Supergrow not only helps you write content with AI, it also lets you use AI to create LinkedIn carousels, schedule posts and even preview your content in a mobile/desktop simulator so you can format your posts correctly. Supergrow is my go-to tool for entry-level AI creators and is very affordably priced. If you want to create content faster with AI, grab this tool.

  4. Distribute — I’ve been using this tool for months now, and it’s a big reason my Gumroad products have over 6k downloads, and my two newsletters are growing fast. Distribute lets you set up landing pages in minutes using the power of AI. Think of it like Notion for landing pages and email capture. This tool is a must for any elite-level marketer looking to move followers off LinkedIn and onto their email lists.

  5. LoomAI — Lastly, we have good old trust Loom. Loom is a screen recording tool that allows you to record videos and instantly get your message across to clients and colleagues. It’s a must for any remote worker who wants to work async with people around the world. LoomAI gives auto titles, summaries, and even time stamps to your video messages. I save so much time with the AI add on, its a must.

  • Sybill AI — For those of you who use call summary tools, Sybill is my favorite. Here are a few of the features:

    -Video records the call (u can edit video clips too)
    -Integrates into CRM systems for better workflow
    -Featured-rich call summaries (more info below)
    -AI-powered follow-up emails (saves u time)
    -The AI generates content ideas from calls

    If you want to use a call summary tool to help create content, Sybill is my favorite. It also has a bunch of cool features that can help you wish sales calls as well.

Well, that’s it; hope you enjoyed my list of AI tools.

If you have any questions about these tools, reply to this email and I’ll be happy to answer any questions.

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I've got 4+ years of building brands on LinkedIn, and I use AI to grow my clients'’ businesses daily

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🤖 How good are your Rehooks?

Everyone talks all the time about the importance of a good HOOK, and yes, you need world-class hooks, or you won’t stop the scroll….

BUT, most of you aren’t paying enough attention to your rehooks.

Check out the rehook in this recent collab I did with MagicPost:

Line one is a world-class hook, BUT it’s not that unique. In fact, I use a very similar style hook in many of my AI posts.

However, what made the post pop was the rehook in line two and then the setup in line three.

LinkedIn is a bit weird in that it shows you a different number of lines to your posts depending on the device and operating system you use.

PC, Imac, mobile, iPad, iOS, Android….

LinkedIn will show a different number of lines to a scroller depending on the device they use.

Keep this as a general rule, though:

Mobile with text only = 2 to 3 lines
Mobile with media = 1 line (sometimes 2)

Desktop with text only = 3 lines
Desktop with media = 2 lines

There are a few tools you can use to preview how your LinkedIn posts will look before you publish them.

Currently, my two favorites are:

Supergrow - also includes an AI carousel maker and post-formatting feature
Authoredup - includes some great analytics and scheduling features

Live view of AuthoredUp

Live view of Supergrow


The point is you need to put effort into making the “rehooks,” lines two and three, just as good as line one.

This is a common mistake I see a lot of rookie content creators making.

Here’s my suggestion for improving your rehooks.

1. Study someone on LinkedIn who is good at them (like me).
2. Make your rehooks “How I” “How to” “give directions,” or “Intro to listicles:
3. Pretend your rehook is basically a second hook. Would you read on to line 3?

For example:

“Here's how I get LinkedIn content ideas in minutes”
“I woke up on May 1st drunk, broken, and hanging on”
“Here's how I get LinkedIn Carousel ideas in minutes”
“Steal this copywriting hack”

Hope that helps!

If you have any questions about rehooks, reply to this email with your question!

🤖 Write with ChatGPT Live (in case u missed it)

I went live for 4 hours on Tuesday just writing with AI and hanging out with all of you. It was a good time, and I quite enjoyed doing it solo.

I’m going to be doing a lot more live events this month.

If you have a topic for a live you’d like me to know, reply to this email and let me know!

That’s it for this week.



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