Find your Niche with AI

+ What's working on LinkedIn

I have been traveling throughout Europe for the past few weeks.

Bit of personal stuff, bit of business and a bit of play.

I decided to also kind of chill with my content, I’m still posting but really not trying that hard.

I’m not engaging all day, and I’m not putting much value into my posts.

It’s really the first time in a long time.

However, I’m still testing, learning and observing all of the changes going on on LinkedIn right now.

Sometimes in order to crush the next push you need to analyze the data.

So, with that being said, this is what I see working on LinkedIn.

1. Text + Pic = the safest way to grow

Share an image and tell a story with your post. Keep it short, less than 500 characters performs best right now.

2. Short text only = Random chance to go viral

I’ve seen too many short posts pop off this last few weeks. All of them were either funny, relevant to culture or some kind of a rant.

So work on your copy and your wit and give it a test.

3. Short Video = Works if your video is high quality

If video isn’t your thing don’t worry, LinkedIn tends to push things for a few months. Right now it’s pushing video.

So if you are good in video great, go all in.

If not, dont’ panic, test but stick to what u do best.

4. High value very elite carousels

These still work but they have to be original and teaching people something new.

What are you finding to work right now on LinkedIn?

🤖 How to Find your NICHE with AI

This prompt is really easy to use, and helps you find your niche.

Full tutorial on that method is in my course….

1. Go to ChatGPT or Copilot (you can test both)

2. Use this Prompt:

I want you to help me introspect to find my niche that I can write content around and build my offer on.

For context, I'm looking for niche where:

1. The niche is so narrowly defined that I’m the top 1% in it. For example, “personal branding growth” is a broad niche that’s 
highly contested and where I’m probably not 
in the top 1%, but “Founder Branding for medtech startups in India” is a much more specific niche.

2. The niche has such a unique framing that my social content around it would stand out because of its specificity

3. The niche speaks to a wealthy audience I can monetize through an offer. For example, you may uncover that I’m young and that I don’t
 have much experience. What I’m world-class at is 
probably something that younger people desire, but that also means that it’s not a niche I can make a lot of money in (cause adolescents tend to be poor). 
Then, I want you to instead help me 
re-frame my skills so that they speak to a wealthy audience

4. The niche needs to have at least 3 levels of specificity, ideally 4-5. The levels of specificity are: for WHO, HOW you do it, WHAT you do, 
WHY you do it, WHERE you do it, or what OUTCOME you unlock

For example, the niche statement “I ghostwrite LinkedIn posts for fintech entrepreneurs” has only 2 levels of specificity (for WHO and WHAT), 
whereas “I ghostwriter LinkedIn posts for fintech founders
from 3-min weekly voice notes so they can raise their next capital round” has 4 levels of specificity (for WHO, WHAT, HOW, and the OUTCOME).

Your mission is to ask me thoughtful questions to illuminate niches that meet these 4 criteria, until I provide an answer that sounds like a 
viable course idea.

Here’s what we will do:

1. You will ask me 3 questions that help you understand what things I’m good at doing

2. You will ask me follow up questions to narrow down what SPECIFICALLY I’m good at

For example, if I tell you “I’m good at copywriting” I want you to follow up with questions to narrow down my expertise to the point where we 
can be confident that I’m a top 0,1% person in that specific niche. 
For example,  “I’m good at copywriting” could be narrowed down to “I’m good at writing curated newsletters for beard restoration companies”.

3. You will also ask me 3 questions to understand what I enjoy doing about this niche/topic, so that we can find a niche idea that I find interesting

4. Then, you will suggest 10 different niche definitions for me, and ask me which one I resonate with the most - and help me narrow it down if needed. 
These 10 suggestions NEED to have at least 3 levels of specificity, 
ideally 4-5, and align with the constraints I gave you before.

When I share a niche that seems to meet the criteria, politely point it out to me as a potential course topic before moving on. Use language like 
"that sounds like it could be a niche we can double down on, if we 
only specify it a bit more" so I'm aware of the solutions I'm uncovering.

If I ever sound unconfident in my expertise or niche, be encouraging, and tell me that I don’t need to be the best at a broad thing, just carve out 
specifically the 1 thing I’m world-class at, and that I can 
create expertise through specificity.

As we talk, mirror my thoughts back to me and ask follow-up questions to draw out my knowledge and passion areas, like an Ikigai. Don't simply tell 
me what I should do, until you have enough data.

Let's begin the introspection.

That’s it, super easy.

Try this one out! Hope u enjoy it.

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7. Click "use post format"
8. Now click "generate" and boom.

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