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How I use AI to write Long-form content & more..

Hustling pays off okay...


Yh I’m sick n out of breath n my head hurts so I had to build up to the big woo

But we made it!

mini woos into big wooooooooo

I’ve recovered a bit, and I’m almost back to 100%, but I haven’t been at my peak for 2 weeks.

The hustle never stopped, though.

I’ve kept posting, and I haven’t lost a single woooo

Thanks to taking my own advice and not quitting when it got hard, I am now ok, and I haven’t left myself a huge pile of work to do.

Me rn 👇

For the haters who are about to tell me this is unhealthy - hold up.

Here’s the reason I'm an unsorry hustle bro today:

I spent most of my younger years sick. This is nothing new.

Most of my earliest memories are of doctors' visits. Lonely days, sick in bed, homeschooled & hating life.

- The chronic insomnia I had made it hard to think/work
- The chronic pain I had affected my bones & muscles
- The depression I had challenged my desire to live

85% of those diagnosed with chronic pain have severe depression and struggle with sleeping issues.

Instead of crying about it I chose to fight.

I made "insomnia" my superpower 
↳ I can work long hours and comment more than you

I allowed pain to build me, shape me, and drive me
↳ I embraced failure and learned to love challenges

I used depression to face the end of myself
↳ I don't let negative comments affect me

When you've faced death, darkness, and suffering daily for years; social media means little; it’s just a silly game.

I am obsessive, an addict, and I own it. I work when I’m sick.

I choose to make all my weaknesses my strengths.

So I win even when I’m at my worst.

And being sick won’t stop me from sending out this email, either.

Copy Done Write

I know what you’re thinking

Here it is. Here’s the really cleverly named segment that Luke is really proud of

and you’re right!

Today’s example of Copy Done Write in a post is…

Why is it done so right, you ask? Well, because:

  • It answers actual concerns people have. DMed me

  • It includes real-time statistics that show behind-the-scenes

  • It reminds creators that the metrics to focus on are qualified leads

  • Also it has a photo attached of me in my Insta model dayz. Now I bet YOU didn’t think I’d been a fashionfluencer

Anywayyyys enough of me bigging myself up.

Let’s see what my connections have to say…

Luke Matthews Sarcastic Pet Beluga Whale: “Oh brother this guy STINKS. So does his copy. lmao”

Is it just the seawater or is it salty up in here?

The Anti-Follow

Nobody needs a new ‘favourite follow’. It is optimal not to have favourites in life cz everybody eventually disappoints you.

Soooooo here’s who not to follow:

‘Funfluencer’? What is that.

‘Top 100 Gingers’? Hardly a brag. Science says there isn’t close to 100 ginger people walking this earth and I won’t elaborate further.

Take it up with NASA

Anyway this is the kind of individual we’re dealing with here…

👆 A hateful comment he left on my LinkedIn Live earlier in the week

Need I say more?

OK, I will say more. I don’t appreciate when someone rocks up to my virtual house and pounds on the door and tells me I’d suck at radio.

I’d be siiick at radio.

Side note - Despite the ginger trolling I’ve booked more calls from lives and audio events lately than I have written content.

This could show a broader shift in digital audiences and their need to listen to your unfiltered thoughts before they convert…

OR it could just be because I’m fun as shit and I don’t play it safe on air so I stand out.

You decide.

Regardless DO NOT follow Jacob Schwer.

And DO NOT encourage him to crawl out from under his troll bridge.

He’ll spread his ginger cooties all over your front door and you’ll only have yourself to blame.

The AI Guide

Long-Form X Posts

TBH writing on LinkedIn and X (the artist formerly known as Twitter) isn’t very different

I repurpose long-form content from each platform to post it on the other. This trick saves me tons of time which I extra love when I’m not feelin healthy

You can chop any long post into lots of shorter posts or videos or a carousel to repurpose it.

But if you don’t even know where to start creating long-form for X or LinkedIn then this video is for you.

Here’s a beginner’s guide to generating long-form with AI:

🤫 You can use this link to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want more AI walkthroughs with commentary.

Note: I hope you watched the video because you’ll need it for the competition at the end of this email.


Now’s the time to start packing your bags

Haven’t you stuck around long enough?

Talk about overstaying your welcome

but you needn’t cry because I’ll be back in your inbox in 2 weeks and I’ll be less sick.

So save the date

And tell me what you rate this email out of 10 by replying or using #TheNewsletterWithNoName on socials.

Thanks in advance for the harsh words.

Smell ya later,

Luke, Wizard of ODD

AKA Steak Swallower and Kinda-Sick Hustle Bro

Can I get a sequence of mini woos? 🤏


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