Snoop dogg uses this AI tactic..

(not really but click to check it out its legit)

If u havin’ content problems I feel bad for u son…

I got 99 personalities & LinkedIn ghostwriter is one.

Hit me 😎

I threatened to introduce y’all to every single one of my 99 personalities in this post BUT nobody invited me round for steak dinner.

Message received loud and clear. I know when I’m not wanted.


Speaking of msgs I’ve received, lots of you have DMed saying you feel like quitting.

Cz reach is down and this and that

And I get it

Being a creator is hard but I encourage you to keep posting and keep posting and work harder. That’s how you grow from 1k to 10k to 100k+

To give you a realistic look into my routine…

I invest 8 hours into LinkedIn on posting days.

I spend EIGHT hours engaging:
- on my posts with 1k comments
- on over 100 creators I like
- on 50+ DMs daily

It takes tons of time, effort, and energy.
↳ and is how I've built my LinkedIn to 100k+ over the last 4 years.

Now, here's the thing.

If you don't want a big LinkedIn audience, fine. You can make $$$ without that.


TL;DR: You’ve got to engage tons to grow your own engagement, k?


The AI Guide

The Justin Welsh Content Matrix (get more content ideas)

It’s easy. I ain’t gonna break this down too much just trust me when I say if u struggling for ideas then DO THIS!

You’ll have 1 month of content ideas and hooks.

Step 1: Go to ChatGPT

Step 2: Use a prompt and input two sections to help generate a month worth of content ideas.

Use the prompt below (fill in the bold sections:

I need your help to generate content ideas.

(insert a description of who you are, what you do and what you like to discuss here. Make it at least two paragraphs and super detailed. This helps the AI determine what kind of content ideas to provide you with)

To generate ideas, I want you to imagine a "Content matrix" table. In this table, the X axis contains types of content, meaning ways to expand on a topic. The Y axis contains content topics to be matched with the X axis.

The X axis has these content types, formatted like this: [NAME] (explanation on how to use it)

1. [Actionable] (Ultra-specific guide teaching readers HOW to do something)

2. [Motivational] (Inspirational personal or industry stories about people who did something extraordinary)

3. [Analytical] (Informational breakdown of a topic, explaining to the reader WHY something is/works the way it does)

4. [Contrarian] (Go against the common advice and say something contrarian to the common beliefs on the topic, and explain why)

5. [Observation] (Observe a hidden, secret, or silent but IMPORTANT trend in the topic/industry)

6. [X vs. Y] (Compare two entities, styles, frameworks, companies, apps, or something else within the topic)

7. [Present vs Future] (Compare the status quo with a prediction about the future, and explain to the reader why that is)

8. [Listicle] (Provide a useful list of resources, tips, mistakes, lessons, steps, insights, frameworks, or something else about the topic)


The Y axis contains the topics:



Now, I want you to write out this table and write out a content idea at the intersections of the X and Y axises. You match each topic with a content type.

For example a content idea matching the topic "Content Strategy" with the content type "How can people do it?" would be "7 things you need to know to create your content strategy"]

Step 3: You’ll get a bunch of ideas that look like this!

That’s it! A month’s worth of content ideas for u.

Happy trails peeps!

Copy Done Write

Long-form Formatting

I’m the king of long-form. I know it’s cocky, but I don’t care.

I spend so much time on formatting that I deserve the title.

Here’s why format matters (& how to do it right):

  1. Firstly blocks of text are overwhelming.

  2. To make your post digestible, you’ve got to use white space.

  3. But to keep it interesting, you need to switch your sentence lengths a lot.

  4. That means not sharing your ideas in huge, clunky paragraphs.

  5. Instead, in structures like this pyramid.

This is a 10/10 example of a long-form post of mine 👇

I could have been real boring n just written a list.


  • I shared multiple points in 1 lesson rather than just 1 line

  • I started mini lists inside the list cz I love chaos

  • I included more than 1 CTA to suit readers

  • And I sprinkled personal experience in…

LIKE “I started out by building a following for myself then leveraged it for myself.”

See how I’ve used the same formatting rules for this copy section?

Switching up sentence lengths and including lists?

I’m gd you know. And Beluga agrees.

Luke Matthews Sarcastic Pet Beluga Whale: “I’m not sure about long form but I want this guy to form long away from me”

In fairness I’d be bitter too if I had to drink where I peed.


The Anti-Follow

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: nobody needs a new ‘favorite follow’.

It’s still optimal not to have faves in life cz everybody disappoints you.

Eventually. Maybe not straight away but eventually.

And no less can be said for this fella:

Yh, that’s right. Tasleem is this week’s anti-follow.

Why? He’s such a nice guy?

Tell me why he abandoned all his LinkedIn bros & then just resurfaced with good content again, completely out of the blue.

Tell me why he thinks it is reasonable to have such outstanding eyebrows.

And why he has to walk around with a beard that puts every man to shame.

Tell me why he’s a real-life ray of sunshine and the yellow of his background makes his skin beautifully glow.

Nobody should follow him.

We like to maintain some self-esteem around here, and he makes it difficult.

F you, Tas.

F you and your jokes about my selfies.

We can’t all have a face carved like yours - sculpted for viral video. Prick.

See ya later

On that note I bid you adieu

You know the drill. Hit me up using #TheNewsletterWithNoName on socials and the person with the best post or comment or email reply wins my left sock.

I haven’t washed it in 3 days.

Sayonara suckers,

Luke, Wizard of ODD

AKA Long-Form King and Tasleem Hater


or to participate.