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PerplexityAI, beluga whales & ghostwriting rants...

the newsletter with no name is LIVE!!


It’s first edition, baby. And on my BIRTHDAY!


If you’re here, you’re an official OGer who knows what’s good. If you’re not here, you shouldn’t be reading this. GTFO.

Anyway, I have aged, so it is party time.


Newsletter time.

As a gift from me to me to you, have an email.

Copy Done Write

OK, as you can tell, because of the very clever name… This section is dedicated to copywriting tips.

Amy wanted to use it to break down my LinkedIn post that got the most leads lately and explain why the writing worked.

But I’ve immediately made it awkward because my biggest lead magnet post this fortnight was a video. Lol soz Amy.

Anyway, this post got me 6 qualified leads in 1 day.

It performed so well because:

  • The hook is controversial. Straight away, it’s obvious I’m going to upset some people, and the average reader stops scrolling for drama.

  • There’s a fun analogy to explain my job in the text. I compare ghostwriters becoming their clients to Heath Ledger becoming the Joker, and it’s a parallel that helps more people understand what I do.

  • It explains why I’m the best at ghostwriting in an unhinged but simple way. Honesty works.

This Copy was Done Write because it turned into 6 promising leads. Sure, engagement is fun, but enquiries are even fun-er.

Top Tip: Do a video or text post pointing out what people get wrong in your job this week. Proving you do it right could make you some money 🤑

The Anti-Follow

Forget ‘favourite follow.’ Here’s who not to follow:

I don’t know why this guy gets cranky in my comments so much.

I think he’s got a fishing rod up his ass or something.

He told me he’d be nice today because it’s my birthday, but he hasn’t brought me a cake or anything. Actually, he hasn’t even messaged me happy birthday, and I don’t think just ignoring me is ‘being nice’.

Even though I’ve just turned 39, I refuse to be the bigger person and accept this mistreatment:

So you’ve left me no choice, Beluga.

You’re my anti-follow.

DO NOT follow Luke Matthews Sarcastic Pet Beluga Whale.

And DO NOT comment on any of his posts because he doesn’t deserve the support.

Idea Generation Station

Perplexity AI

If ChatGPT had a hotter and buffer brother to give you content ideas then it’d be Perplexity AI. The guy she tells you not to worry about 👀

Better features include:

  • A personal profile where you can save info like your job description so you needn’t include it with every prompt.

  • Linked source material and articles for you to reference with every answer.

  • More up-to-date responses where ChatGPT’s programming is limited to 2021.

And the list goes on n on n on.

Sooo I filmed a Perplexity AI tutorial for YouTube to teach you how to generate content ideas from old posts. And I’ve embedded it here cz I’m nice like that…

🤫 And you can use this link to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want more AI walkthroughs with commentary.

I swear the audio will sound less like it’s been recorded on a potato by my next upload.

But if videos aren’t your jam then it’s k. I’ll still share my new fav tools with you in my newsletters and explain how to use them better.

Now we’ve gotta say goodbye

Mainly because I’ve got birthday steak to eat and 15,623 comments to reply to.

Don’t forget I’ll be back in your inbox in 2 weeks though, so save the date. And tell me what you rate this email out of 10 by replying or using #TheNewsletterWithNoName on socials.

If enough of you hate it, I’ll fire my writer and film her crying.

OK bye,

Luke, Wizard of ODD

AKA Pizza King and Full-Time Hustle Bro




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