Carousels, Tips and anti-follows..

Plus a word from our sponsor.

Can I get a pre-weekend wOOOooooo 🥳

I’ma keep this email short and sweet to send you into Saturday on a HIGH

Cz the last thing you need is a huge block of unformatted text to ruin your Friday. Ew

live footage of me reacting to txt that’s blockier than a eulogy 🤢

Anyway, speaking of gross formatting, I’m giving you my tricks to avoid it later on with a YouTube vid

It’ll help you create perfect long-form content. I’ve posted a lot of long-form lately cz it’s getting all the leads 😎

Before we reach formatting, I’ll include some networking lessons that you can try to up your LinkedIn game

And once I’m done, you can exit this email and get on with your life cz you can’t stay here forever


Luke’s Lil LinkedIn Tip ✏️

Network = net worth (or smthn like that)

The best thing you can do to grow online?

Talk to one person at a time with zero agenda. Ask them questions, and don’t be so self-absorbed all you do is make the convo about you

It is really that simple, and anyone who disagrees is overcomplicating it

Remember: real influence is something you earn over time by showing up and networking properly consistently, and you can’t fake it

Mark my words. And Beluga’s, too:

Luke Matthews Sarcastic Pet Beluga Whale: “this is the one time I’m just gonna agree. I cba to be witty rn, g’night.”

We hear you, Beluga. It’s been a long ass week

The Anti-Follow

You know what doesn’t run in the family?

Charm and charisma. My cousin is proof:

How you gonna look like me and sound like me and speak like me and be on LinkedIn and X like me and have a newsletter like me but do it so bad?

Shoulda stuck to reality TV cz that’s where your intelligence shone, Brock

Also, blue and red do not go together, so that was a similarly unintelligent idea

I’d personally recommend you only follow this guy if you want your time wasted by a woOOOoooOing Walmart-version-Luke

Or do what you want I don’t care…

Learn Long Form Formatting ✍️

Watch my YT vid on repeat while you sleep

If you want to be elite at long-form copywriting, then you need to get this lesson into your skull so deep that it’s second nature:

And subscribe for more LinkedIn/X content. I post new videos when I have something to say n I want to post new videos

Ain’t that revolutionary?

Lots of luv,

Luke, Wizard of ODD

AKA Reality Star Brock’s Better Cousin & World Class Elite Networker


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