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LinkedIn business pages, memes and all the things..

Join the meme battle...

It’s Friday night, and I’m writing a newsletter.

If I had told my 19-year-old self that 39-year-old Luke would be sitting in the dark in Paraguay writing an email newsletter to 5 thousand people and choosing to do so of his own free will, well…….

Younger me would’ve said: “nice”

Yeah, it's not much of a punch line, but hey, we keep moving.

Before 30 of you unsubscribe again, let’s get into some stuff…

Luke’s Lil LinkedIn Tip ✏️

When everyone is fearful it’s time to GO ALL THE FUCK IN

LinkedIn has gotten harder since the summer.


This means a bunch of people will quit, start coasting, and get discouraged.

This should make you happy. Here’s why:

If you are willing to put in the work and get better at content creation, engagement, and everything..

You will win while everyone else is fading away and quitting.

So buckle up and dive into this post right here to help you get inspired to MOVE:

Remember: real influence is something you earn over time by showing up and networking properly consistently, and you can’t fake it

The Anti-Follow

Do you know what shouldn’t be encouraged?


So here’s the deal. I’m always testing things on LinkedIn.

Lately, organic reach has been tough, and well, I’m trying to find solutions. So what I did was begin testing some posts on my business page.

Naturally, I decided to hack my biz page.

I replaced my business logo with a headshot of me.

I then added my name in front of my business’s name: “Wizard of ODD Marketing”

But wait, you may be wondering when the roasting begins..

First, let me show you the results so far:

Needless to say, my testing is going pretty well.

Keep in mind the following:

1. I’m hacking my business page, and most people think it’s my personal page.
2. I used some of my best posts to start growing the business page.
3. I like to talk to myself using my multiple business accounts.

The question is…

Do you really want to support a business page that really isn’t a business page?

It features a 39-year-old man talking to himself and claiming to have 99 personalities, and everybody laughs but perhaps wonders inside if this guy is mentally stable.

Yeah, you got bored.

I get it.

The bottom line is the business page is growing, and well, if you want to find out how I do it, you better check out my YouTube, which is the next section….

Treat your LinkedIn Comments like IG Stories ✍️

If you could, please watch all 7 minutes and 29 seconds, I would be temporarily grateful indeed.

In this video, I highlight the importance of watching video all the way through.

Especially my YouTube videos.

Okay, no, but I dive into the comments section and tell you what’s working for me to get some extra engagement on my posts right now.

I am going to be investing more into my YouTube this winter, so hit that subscribe button and watch me go from below average to slightly above middle of the road.

It should be a lukewarm mess. Sometimes, I even talk about all the LinkedIn copywriting and AI tricks I know n stuff.

Meme Contest✍️

  1. Create a funny meme using the following template.

  2. Make the meme about LinkedIn in some way.

    Prize info: I will feature the WINNING meme in next week’s newsletter along with a paragraph blurb about you and your business.

    Simply reply to this email with a meme using the following template:

Click the Image to go to imgflip.com to use this template!

Now let the games begin……..

Luke Matthews, Wizard of ODD


or to participate.