AI Comments, Delusion and morning routines...

+ Get accredited in AI and find a new job....

I wrote a sarcastic post on LinkedIn last week and it was met with a barrel of laughs.

The post was titled: ‘How I win on LinkedIn in only 8 Hours a Day’, and basically, I went through a morning routine and made it really extra so that people would laugh and join in and mock morning routines…

Now here’s the even funnier part about the whole post for me.

Most of the morning routine I shared wasn’t a joke BUT the timeline was of course silly and made up… (except 4:69am is real ok)

So I basically pulled a double move on everyone, and man, did I enjoy it.

I am so extra that I’m going to break it down for you, YUP that’s right so if you don’t like it please skip this section yadda yadda you know the drill by now….

The start of all my emails here on the ‘Write with AI But Don’t Lose your Soul’ Newsletter is a story. This story may have zero value or relevance to some of you but it’s straight from the bowels of my brain and will either entertain, educate or scare you. So read on ok or don’t…

Here is the routine in question!


4:00am → Wake up
4:05am → 1 cold shower
4:09am → Make 3 black coffees
4:15am → 100 Pushups and 5k steps
4:31am → Write 3 LinkedIn posts (with AI)
4:47am → Comment "WOOOO" on 69 posts
4:59am → Make a nice juicy steak for breakfast
4:69am → Text your VA and make sure they've been commenting on the other top 1% of creators posts for the last 4 hours.

Let's break it down, and I’ll tell you what is true and what isn’t….

  1. 4am wakeup → for most of the past year, yes I have woke up at 4am. Why? Paraguay is 5 hours behind London. I post at 11:55am which is 6:55am in Paraguay. I like to spend 45 minutes engaging / DMs so that takes us to 6am. The hour prior I am often writing a post, editing a post or responding to messages in Slack/ emails which takes us to 5am. The first hour of the day I basically scroll shit on LinkedIn, stare at a wall, sit on my deck and yes I get up and make a coffee, have yes have a…

  2. Cold Shower at 4:05am → Yes, most mornings I do this and I think it’s been a big reason why I’ve lost weight, been consistent with diet and workouts and well I enjoy the pain. Is it every morning? No some mornings I don’t shower. But most of the time yes.

  3. Make 3 black coffees → I drink probably like 5 coffees by the time I’m done engaging on my Linkedin post every day. Is that healthy? Prob not but at least it’s not whisky ok….

  4. 100 Pushups and 5k Steps → So for most of last year I did 750 pushups a day. I pinched a nerve in my neck this January and wasn’t able to continue. This month I’ve gotten healthy tho and am working my way back up so yes this checks out. Also I do 15k steps a day and 10k of them are during hour two after I post.

  5. Write 3 LinkedIn posts (with AI) → This is a blatant lie. I write posts on the weekend and/or write/edit in the AM before I post.

  6. Comment "WOOOO" on 69 posts → If you tracked my daily WOOOs I have no doubt that this is true. Even if it doesn’t hit 69, it sure feels like it ok…..

  7. Make a nice juicy steak for breakfast → my first meal of the day is always steak. But usually dont eat it until 1pm at the same restaurant here in Paraguay. mmmmmmm man its good shit.

  8. Text my VA to engage for 4 hours → I am the only one who comments from my personal account. However my VA does comment from my AI business page so if you see that, its most likely him not me and feel free to troll him to see how he responds.

That’s it that’s my review of the post.

So you can see it was a double troll effort.

Good times.

Anyways lets get into the rest of the newsletter aight….

PS here’s an AI generated meme for no reason…

🤖 Please PLEASE Don’t use AI Comments…

Look I don’t know what’s more annoying…

AI comments or the rants about them BUT it’s my duty as someone leading the ‘write with AI’ space to rant about this every once in a while….

Let me be blunt.

AI comments ARE USELESS and will NOT help you grow your brand on LinkedIn.

Just like hiring a VA to do comments for you doesn’t work that well because the VA does not know your inside jokes, is rushing engagement, and will not put the heart into the comments that you will.

The key to connection, building trust, and eventually conversion is to stand out and create a spark with someone.

This requires context, wit, speed, and effort.

None of these are possible with AI comments.

So please just quit it already or I will keep yelling at you in my comments.

🤖 YouTube Video of the Week ft ‘Delusion’

A few months back I visited London and went on a podcast.

Pretty rare for me to be seen with humans, to be fucking honest, but this one was a doozy. It was with Shoaib Ahmed and was titled: “How to Stop Being a Loser and Win at Life” which is kinda extra lol….

Anyway, I got quite a few funny/interesting/cancelable clips from it, and this was one of them…

Just some random thoughts on delusion and why I think most people shouldn’t bother…

(cool editing on this one)

🤖 AI for Professionals Accreditation

This week, I’m proud to announce that I partnered with the AI Tool Report and other experts in AI to be a part of “AI for Professionals.”

It’s a sharable certification that teaches you AI skills needed to find a career in AI. The course has 4 modules with 6-7 lessons per module, and the team is adding 4 more modules on May 7th.

One of those modules is taught by yours truly!

I’m going to be sharing a little sauce on ‘How to Write with AI’ but there’s value beyond me with this certification.

Learn how to:

How to build a 7-figure business using an AI copilot
10x your productivity with prompts & custom GPT’s
Discover a more comprehensive introduction to AI
How to save 400 hours a year with an AI assistant
How to 4x your communication with how-to guides
How to build a functional app in 1 hour
How to do 5x more with ChatGPT

If you don’t know the AI Tool Report it’s a popular AI newsletter with over 500k subscribers and is led by Martin Crowly who has over 100k followers across LinkedIn & X.

Learn more about it all and click the image below:

🤖 14 Days till I drop my ‘Write with AI’ course..

Click the image to join the waitlist

Learn to Write with AI, Save Hours Weekly, & Grow on LinkedIn......

There are just 14 days left to pre-register for my upcoming course release on May 14th. I will release the course to that list first for 10% off + a couple of bonus offers….

But beyond that, I’m working on giving away lots of value as a thank you to the 3015 people who have signed up for my waitlist so far.

  1. I am hosting exclusive live streams for everyone who registers for the waitlist. Last week, I went live for 5 hours reviewing every single person’s profile who showed up. This week I am doing the same except I’m reviewing and roasting posts live.

  2. At every event, I will give away something, whether it’s a pizza, a coaching call, or access to my course. I like to give and well it makes the events more fun.

  3. I will be releasing a bonus offer with a micro-community element that will only be available to those on the waitlist.

Okay, okay, Luke, enough; remind us what it’s in this course?

My course is very simple.

By the end, you and your team will know how to write content with AI super fast, and learn how to edit it faster. You will free up your time to focus on networking and converting in DMs… This is the real reason why we post on LinkedIn.

I’ve tweaked the material this week as I finalize it so this is what the course outline looks like now:

Unit 0: The LinkedIn Basics
Unit 1: Build your Content System
Unit 2: How to Source Content Ideas with AI
Unit 3: How to Write with AI (for Rookies)
Unit 4: How to Write with AI (Advanced)
Unit 5: How to Win on LinkedIn (Beyond AI)

Bonus…. (you’ll find out soon hehehehe….)

Get early access + 10% off the course when it drops on May 14th

That’s it for this week.

I think I’ll get back to listening to Lofi while staring at the Netflix fireplace.

Hope to see you at some of my live events this week.




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